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Fig. 3

From: Sensitivity of censored data analysis to determine the characteristic value of structural timber

Fig. 3

Differences between ideal datasets and censored datasets depending on the proportion of censored data. a Maximum likelihood estimation. b Order statistics. \({\text{Difference}}^{1)} = \frac{{5{\text{\% }}_{{{\text{CD}}, {\text{MLE}}}} - 5{\text{\% }}_{{{\text{ideal}}, {\text{MLE}}}} }}{{5{\text{\% }}_{{{\text{CD}}, {\text{MLE}}}} }}\), \({\text{Difference}}^{2)} = \frac{{5{\text{\% }}_{{{\text{CD}},{\text{Order}}}} - 5{\text{\% }}_{{{\text{ideal}},{\text{Order}}}} }}{{5{\text{\% }}_{{{\text{CD}},{\text{Order}}}} }}\)

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