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Table 4 Mean correlation coefficients (Rbar) and expressed population signal (EPS) of δ18OTR time series within tree species

From: Synchronizations of tree-ring δ18O time series within and between tree species and provinces in Korea: a case study using dominant tree species in high elevations

Site Tree species No. of samples Rbar EPS
SN P. densiflora 4 0.610 0.862
Q. mongolica 2 0.717 0.835
JR T. cuspidata 4 0.841 0.955
P. koraiensis 4 0.704 0.905
A. koreana 4 0.869 0.964
Q. mongolica 4 0.759 0.926
  1. SN Songnisan National Park, JR Jirisan National Park