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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Table 4 Adjusted odds ratios of wood use in bedrooms for sleep conditions

From: Association of wood use in bedrooms with comfort and sleep among workers in Japan: a cross-sectional analysis of the SLeep Epidemiology Project at the University of Tsukuba (SLEPT) study

 Poor sleep quality (PSQI ≥ 6)Suspicion of insomnia (AIS ≥ 6)Low sleep efficiency
aOR(95% CI)aOR(95% CI)aOR(95% CI)
Wood in bedroom
   Floor (no/yes)1.57(0.93–2.66)1.63(0.82–3.24)1.00(0.51–1.97)
Amount of wood in bedroom
  1. Adjusted by sex, age, body mass index, habitual exercise, smoking, nightcap, shift worker, type of housing, age of building, style of bedroom, area of bedroom, structure of housing, and noise in bedroom
  2. aOR adjusted odds ratio, CI confidence interval, PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, AIS Athens Insomnia Scale