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Fig. 7

From: Shear strength properties of hybrid (hinoki cypress and Japanese cedar) cross-laminated timber

Fig. 7

Two-dimensional beam-rod element used for the finite element method. \(L\): length of the element, \(A\):area of beam, \({X}_{1}\), \({X}_{2}\): nodal axial force, \({Y}_{1}\), \({Y}_{2}\): nodal shear force, \({M}_{z1}\), \({M}_{z2}\): nodal moment around z axis, \({u}_{1}\), \({u}_{2}\), \({v}_{1}\), \({v}_{2}\): nodal displacement, \({\beta }_{Z1}\), \({\beta }_{Z2}\): nodal rotation angle around z axis. Subscripts denote the node number

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