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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 4 Material constants used for the shear analogy method

From: Shear strength properties of hybrid (hinoki cypress and Japanese cedar) cross-laminated timber

\({E}_{0}\)(GPa) \({E}_{90}\)(MPa) \({G}_{0}\)(MPa)a \({G}_{90}\)(MPa) \({E}_{\mathrm{web}}\)(GPa)
Hinoki Sugi Sugi Hinoki Sugi Sugi Rigid web
12.9 8.57 0 971 743 72.9b (20–120)c 1e5
Values from literature [11, 12]
\({E}_{\mathrm{Lit}}\)(GPa) \({G}_{\mathrm{Lit}}\)(MPa)    
Hinoki [11] Sugi [12] Hinoki [11] Sugi [12]    
13.1 7.35 990 637    
  1. aThe value was adjusted by multiplying a scale factor \({E}_{0}/{E}_{\mathrm{Lit}}\) to the parallel-to-grain shear modulus \({G}_{\mathrm{Lit}}\) from literature [11, 12], where \({E}_{\mathrm{Lit}}\) and \({G}_{\mathrm{Lit}}\) are the modulus of elasticity from the literatures
  2. bThe estimated value obtained from regression analysis
  3. cProvisional values given for the regression analysis