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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 5 Rolling shear modulus estimated from the strain measurement

From: Shear strength properties of hybrid (hinoki cypress and Japanese cedar) cross-laminated timber

Specimen Rolling shear modulus \({G}_{90\_\mathrm{ex}}\)
Layer Config Loading \({l}_{\mathrm{ef}}/d\) \({\alpha }_{\mathrm{mid}}\)
3L3P Asy. 4-point 3.00 68.3
3L4P Asy. 4-point 1.50 65.2
5L5P Asy. 4-point 1.46 89.4
5L5P Asy. 4-point 2.50 65.7
5L7P Asy. 4-point 1.41 101
5L7P 3-point 1.41 84.4
Average 79.0
SD(COV) 14.7 (18.7%)