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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 3 The parameters used for normal contact model subroutine

From: Normal contact performance of mortise and tenon joint: theoretical analysis and numerical simulation

Parameters Designation Value Parameters Designation Value
Props (1) \(\mu\) 0.50 Props (5) \({\uppi }\) 3.14
Props (2) gcrit 0.31 Props (6) R 0.1477
Props (3) \(\eta\) 0.000206 Props (7) H 24.53
Props (4) \(E^{*}\) 297 Props (8) k 0.4
  1. gcrit is the abbreviation of the elastic slip deformation [45]; Props stands for the abbreviation of material properties in the normal contact model subroutine; Props (1)–(8) are the 8 parameters in the normal contact model subroutine, respectively