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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 2 Characteristics of annual ring formation and plant hormones among three conifer species

From: Seasonal variations of auxin and gibberellin A4 levels in cambial-region tissues of three conifers (Pinus elliottii, Chamaecyparis obtusa, and Cryptomeria japonica) with inherently different wood densities

Species n Number of tracheids formed IAA (ng/cm2) GA4 (ng/cm2)
E L p E L p E L p
Sugi 4 24(15) 14(9) 0.07 52.2(16.8) 31.3(7.8) 0.001 1.9(1.9) 0.8(0.4) 0.06
Hinoki 4 6(6) 10(8) 0.24 37.9(12.5) 36.5(13.1) 0.81 1.0(0.5) 1.8(2.4) 0.38
Slash pine 3 9(9) 20(9) 0.04 101.3(37.5) 126.4(55.8) 0.36 1.2(0.4) 1.6(1.2) 0.46
  1. E early season, L late season, p p-value of t test
  2. The significant difference between E and L was examined by t test
  3. The numbers of tracheids formed in E are the means for each species in test periods I and V
  4. The numbers of tracheids formed in Lare the means fore ach species in test periods II–V
  5. TheIAA and GA4 data in E are the means for each species in Mayandthe following April
  6. The IAA and GA4 data in L are the means foreach species in July–November
  7. Data in parentheses are standard deviations