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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 2 The characteristic bands in FTIR spectra of poplar/bismuth oxide composites

From: Effect of temperature on color changes and mechanical properties of poplar/bismuth oxide wood alloy during warm-press forming

Wavenumber (cm−1) Assignments
464 Bi–O stretching vibration
879 Cellulose β-glycosidic bond
1022 C–O stretching vibration of primary alcohols, saturated fatty ethers
1240 C–O–C stretching vibration
1427 Benzene ring skeleton structure combined with C-H bond vibration
1456 Methyl C–H bending vibration
1743 C–O stretching vibration of hemicellulose
2929 C–H stretching vibration in the methyl and methylene groups
3421 Hydroxy O–H stretching vibration