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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 1 ANOVA of the influence of resin solid contents on the compression impregnation amount

From: Studies on pre-treatment by compression for wood impregnation III: effects of the solid content of low-molecular-weight phenol formaldehyde resin on the impregnation

Species Source of difference Sum of squares Degree of freedom Mean square F value P value
Poplar Among groups 0.011 4 2.86E−3 1.75 0.19
Within groups 0.024 15 1.63E−3   
Total 0.036 19    
Chinese fir Among groups 0.005 4 1.36E−3 1.69 0.19
Within groups 0.016 20 8.05E−4   
Total 0.022 24    
  1. P > 0.05 means the influence is not significant