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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 3 Optimal parameters to minimize the sum of squares of the difference according to decay function

From: Estimation of carbon stocks in harvested wood products of buildings in Japan: flux-data method and direct inventory method

  FOD Logistic distribution Log-normal distribution Normal distribution
Half-lives of log and sawnwood (y) 65 54 64 70
Half-lives of plywood and particle and fiber board (y) 65 53 64 66
Decay coefficient 0.30 2.00 1.00
EI 0.0017 0.0015 − 0.0041 − 0.0027
Sum of squares of differences 122.913 138.328 70.895 81.573
  1. Sum of squares of differences refers to the values estimated by the flux-data and direct inventory methods
  2. FOD, first-order decay; EI, estimated continuous rate of change in industrial roundwood consumption between 1900 and 1961