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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Editorial Board


Takashi Watanabe, Kyoto University, Japan

Deputy Editor

Toshiyuki Takano, Kyoto University, Japan

Senior Editor

Dan Aoki, Nagoya University, Japan
Yuzo Furuta, Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan
Takashi Hosoya, Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan
Hiroshi Kamitakahara, Kyoto University, Japan
Masashi Nakamura, Kyoto University, Japan
Yoshikuni Teramoto, Kyoto University, Japan
Kenji Umemura, Kyoto University, Japan
Yoshiyuki Yanase, Kyoto University, Japan
Makoto Yoshida, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
Arata Yoshinaga, Kyoto University, Japan

Editorial Board

Kentaro Abe, Kyoto University, Japan
Tatsuya Awano, Kyoto University, Japan
Noboru Fujimoto, Kyushu University, Japan
Tomoya Imai, Kyoto University, ​​​​​​​Japan
Yoichi Kojima, Shizuoka University, Japan
Eri Matsubara, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan
Koji Murata, Kyoto University, ​​​​​​​Japan
Takafumi Nakagawa, Kyoto University, ​​​​​​​Japan
Tsuguyuki Saito, University of Tokyo, Japan
Takanobu Sasaki, Hokkaido University, Japan
Toshisada Suzuki, Kagawa University, Japan
Atsushi Tabuchi, Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan

Advisory Board

Martin P. Ansell, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Charles E. Frazier, Virginia Tech, USA
Barry Goodell, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Joseph Gril, CNRS, France
John F. Kadla, University of British Columbia, Canada
Stephen S. Kelley, NC State University, USA
Yoon Soo Kim, Chonnam National University, Republic of Korea
Remy Marchal, Arts et Metiers ParisTech, France
Robert H. Pelton, McMaster University, Canada
John Ralph, University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA
Lennart Salmen, Innventia, Sweden
Gary S. Schajer, University of British Columbia, Canada

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Journal of Wood Science is affiliated with The Japan Wood Research Society.

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