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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Development of structural composite products made from bamboo II: fundamental properties of laminated bamboo lumber

Journal of Wood ScienceOfficial Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society200147:BF01171228

  • Received: 24 November 1999
  • Accepted: 12 June 2000
  • Published:


This experiment explored the technical feasibility of using bamboo zephyr mat with pre-hot-pressed treatment for the manufacture of laminated bamboo lumber (LBL), which is similar in construction to that of laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Six LBL boards (made from four-ply bamboo zephyr mats) with approximate dimensions of 2×42× 42cm were fabricated using resorcinol-based adhesive. The experimental design involved three combinations of layered structures (types I, II, and III) and two LBL loading positions (H-beam and V-beam) during the bending test. These materials were then compared to ordinary LVL. Results indicated that the bending properties (moduli of rupture and elasticity) of LBL were comparable to those of LVL, but there was no significant effect on the physical and mechanical properties among the three types of LBL beam. Interestingly, orienting the glue line to the vertical direction (V-beam) could maximize the ultimate strength of the LBL.

Key words

  • Laminated bamboo lumber
  • Bamboo zephyr mat
  • Pre-hot-pressed
  • Bending properties