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  1. Tree adaptation to environment has been extensively studied. However, little is known about the variations in structure and chemical composition of lignocellulosic biomass (LB) in relation to altitudinal gradi...

    Authors: Ricardo Musule, Enrique Alarcón-Gutiérrez, Eric P. Houbron, Guadalupe M. Bárcenas-Pazos, M. del Rosario Pineda-López, Zaira Domínguez and Lázaro R. Sánchez-Velásquez
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1585
  2. This paper presents a probabilistic method of evaluating the final moisture content (MC) of lumber obtained at the end of the kiln-drying process. The final MC data of three different drying tests conducted in...

    Authors: Ken Watanabe, Tomoyuki Hayashi and Isao Kobayashi
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1587
  3. In this work, a novel polymeric fluorescent brightener agent based on 4,4′-diamino-stilbene-2,2′-disulfonic acid-triazine structure has been synthesized by radical polymerization. The structure of 4,4′-diamino...

    Authors: Guanghua Zhang, Hua Zheng, Mingyuan Guo, Lun Du, Guojun Liu and Jing Liu
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1580
  4. To evaluate the mechanical performance under two eccentric compression directions, 80 laminated bamboo lumber (LBL) column specimens were tested and analysed. Mechanical properties along two directions were co...

    Authors: Hai-tao Li, Gang Wu, Qi-sheng Zhang and Jing-Wen Su
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1584
  5. In the present work, for the first time, the chemical components of essential oils (EOs) and extracts from wood branch (WB) resulted from the tree pruning wastes of Schinus molle L. grown in Egypt were evaluated ...

    Authors: Mohamed Z. M. Salem, Mohamed Z. Zayed, Hayssam M. Ali and Mamoun S. M. Abd El-Kareem
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1583
  6. Wood-based materials are fabricated with adhesives composed of various materials derived from fossil fuels. It is difficult to identify replacements for these chemical adhesives. This study explored nanofiber ...

    Authors: Yoichi Kojima, Ayaka Kawabata, Hikaru Kobori, Shigehiko Suzuki, Hirokazu Ito, Rie Makise and Masaki Okamoto
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1582
  7. As a construction material, the phenomenon of creep is critical to bamboo structural design. The present work investigates variation of flexural creep behavior of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) in its radial di...

    Authors: Xinxin Ma, Xianmiao Liu, Zehui Jiang, Benhua Fei and Ge Wang
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1579
  8. To remove group 1 and 2 metal ions from Japanese oak (Quercus serrata Thunb. and/or Quercus crispula Blume) charcoal (OC), a water-extraction treatment was employed. The treatment was repeated 1, 4, 8, or 12 time...

    Authors: Shigeru Yamauchi, Takayuki Yamagishi, Kazuko Kirikoshi and Mitsuyoshi Yatagai
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1578

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:s10086-016-1586-z

  9. This study aims to investigate physical characteristic, mechanical properties, and chemical composition of heat-treated bamboo scrimber. Specimens were heated at 50–230 °C in laboratory conditions for 2 h. Tes...

    Authors: Weiwei Shangguan, Yingchun Gong, Rongjun Zhao and Haiqing Ren
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1574
  10. Zelkova serrata (Thunb.) Makino (“keyaki” in Japanese) is an important broad-leaved species for the wood industry in Japan. To analyze the among-family variation of anatomical characteris...

    Authors: Agung Prasetyo, Ryota Endo, Yuya Takashima, Futoshi Ishiguri, Jun Tanabe, Haruna Aiso, Fanny Hidayati, Jyunichi Ohshima, Kazuya Iizuka and Shinso Yokota
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1575
  11. The use of wood-based composite material for structural purposes is of increasing interest. A scrimber composite, which is manufactured from thermally modified fast-growing wood, is introduced in this paper. T...

    Authors: Min-Juan He, Jing Zhang, Zheng Li and Mao-Lin Li
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1568
  12. The objective of this study is to investigate the relevance of hybrid poplar compreg density and its physical properties and surface characteristics, such as hygroscopicity, dimensional stability, wettability,...

    Authors: Minzhen Bao, Xianai Huang, Yahui Zhang, Wenji Yu and Yanglun Yu
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1573
  13. The effects of the gaseous phase rate of kunugi (Quercus acutissima) sawdust media mixed with sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) determined by a three-phase-structure analysis of the fruiting body yields of shiitake wer...

    Authors: Takeshi Nitta, Ichiro Kamei, Kazuhiro Sugamoto and Sadatoshi Meguro
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1569
  14. In this study, the emissions to air produced using massive wood material in manufacturing of a Massiv–Holz–Mauer (MHM) wall system have been assessed. The results have been compared with a traditional brick wa...

    Authors: Silvia Santi, Francesca Pierobon, Giulia Corradini, Raffaele Cavalli and Michela Zanetti
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1570
  15. Accelerated aging treatments are often much more severe than necessary for final panel products that are being installed. It is thought that tests under these conditions are unable to exhibit properly the degr...

    Authors: Sahriyanti Saad, Hikaru Kobori, Yoichi Kojima and Shigehiko Suzuki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1564
  16. Jatropha curcas L. has been cultivated in many countries for biodiesel production, and defatted kernel is generated in huge quantities as a by-product in the production. This study invest...

    Authors: Toshisada Suzuki, Kyoko Eto, Yasuki Kubota, Takeshi Katayama and Tanachai Pankasemsuk
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1563
  17. To evaluate the drag coefficients for roof-top tree crowns, previously developed field test methods for monitoring wind speed, wind direction, and stem deflection were improved using solar cells as a source of...

    Authors: Akio Koizumi, Misato Shimizu, Yoshihisa Sasaki and Takuro Hirai
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1556
  18. The mechanism of differentiation of tracheid (earlywood or latewood) should be elucidated to improve the wood properties of sugi trees (Cryptomeria japonica). Water deficit affects tracheid differentiation in con...

    Authors: Yoshio Kijidani, Shinya Koga, Hiroki Sakagami and Hiroshi Matsunaga
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1559
  19. In the present study, colour changes in black alder (Alnus glutinosa L. Gaertn.) and beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) wood veneers subjected to heat treatment at 190 °C for different time spans were investigated. The p...

    Authors: Emilia-Adela Salca, Hikaru Kobori, Tetsuya Inagaki, Yoichi Kojima and Shigehiko Suzuki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1558
  20. Knowledge of the thermal conductive properties of wood at low temperatures aids the development and optimization of the application of a lethal cold temperature treatment for drywood termites. The present stud...

    Authors: BaekYong Choi and Tsuyoshi Yoshimura
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1557
  21. As a follow-up report, the pre-treatment by compression for wood drying was systematically studied in terms of effects of compression ratio, compression direction and compression speed on the recovery rate (RR...

    Authors: Youke Zhao, Zhihui Wang, Ikuho Iida, Rongfeng Huang, Jianxiong Lu and Jinghui Jiang
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1552
  22. Cutting of wood using short-wavelength (266-, 355-, 532-, and 1064-nm) lasers was carried out and wavelength dependence in relation to machining performance and post-processing appearance was investigated. We ...

    Authors: Satoshi Fukuta, Masaki Nomura, Takeshi Ikeda, Masaki Yoshizawa, Mariko Yamasaki and Yasutoshi Sasaki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1553
  23. 6-O-[Acetylacetonato-bis(2,2′-bipyridine)ruthenium(II)]-2,3-di-O-myristyl cellulose (3) was prepared from 2,3-di-O-myristyl cellulose (1) by two reaction steps in 37.7 % total yield. The LB monolayer film of comp...

    Authors: Yasuko Saito, Hiroshi Kamitakahara and Toshiyuki Takano
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1550
  24. Friction between metal tools and wood under high pressure (≥1 MPa) necessarily arises during wood deformation processes and is thus an important factor to be taken into account when wood is processed. We focus...

    Authors: Masako Seki, Soichi Tanaka, Tsunehisa Miki, Ichinori Shigematsu and Kozo Kanayama
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1551
  25. We isolated and identified compounds in medicinal plant extracts that could control melanogenesis. Sudanese medicinal plants were extracted with methanol (MeOH) and 50 % ethanol (EtOH)/water, yielding 104 extr...

    Authors: Kosei Yamauchi, Tohru Mitsunaga and Ali Mahmoud Muddathir
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1546
  26. Engineered endonucleases that digest the specific sequences can be used to modify target genomes precisely. This is called “genome editing” and is used widely to modify the genome of various organisms. The DNA...

    Authors: Yuriko Osakabe, Shigeo S. Sugano and Keishi Osakabe
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1548
  27. The mortise–tenon joint, which connects columns and beams of a wooden building, often creates a gap in contact part of members. This gap is considered to affect mechanical performance of the mortise–tenon join...

    Authors: Keita Ogawa, Yasutoshi Sasaki and Mariko Yamasaki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1544
  28. Pretreatment is an essential step to effectively hydrolyze lignocellulosic polysaccharides. In this paper, we investigated the degree of decompositions of lignin and cell wall structure using dilute acid, alka...

    Authors: Kaori Saito, Yoshiki Horikawa, Junji Sugiyama, Takashi Watanabe, Yoshinori Kobayashi and Keiji Takabe
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1543
  29. We evaluated the durability of wood-based panels by comparing their dynamic modulus of elasticity (Ed) when subjected to repetitive humid and dry treatments. The panels experienced 1-year and 3-month outdoor e...

    Authors: Yoichi Kojima, Akira Sakakibara, Hikaru Kobori and Shigehiko Suzuki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1545
  30. A characterization of wood species was made by analyzing almost 9000 museum objects which still carry the handwriting of former craftsmen. In total 48 different wood species could be distinguished, including 1...

    Authors: Andrea Klein, Olaf Bockhorn, Konrad Mayer and Michael Grabner
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1534
  31. The goals of this study were to determine the effects of furnish type and mat density on temperature and vapor pressure inside the mat of wood-based panels during hot pressing and to confirm their effects on p...

    Authors: Muhammad Navis Rofii, Shuto Kubota, Hikaru Kobori, Yoichi Kojima and Shigehiko Suzuki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2016 62:1531

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