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  1. To elucidate the formation mechanism of acidsoluble lignin (ASL) formed in the Klason lignin determination, beech wood meals were treated with sulfuric acid (SA) under various conditions, and the ASL solution ...

    Authors: Seiichi Yasuda, Kazuhiko Fukushima and Akihiro Kakehi
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776648
  2. From among 419 wood-rotting fungi 10 were selected by the Poly R decolorization test, and their ability to bleach hardwood kraft pulp was assayed. Of the 10 selected, 6 fungi (i.e.,Phanerochaete crassa WD1694 and...

    Authors: Mariko Takano, Atsumi Nishida and Masaya Nakamura
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776647
  3. We analyzed sequences of the stilbene synthase (STS) cDNA inPinus densiflora. Three novel STS cDNA clones (pdstsl, pdsts2, pdsts3) that carry full coding sequences were isolated from a cDNA library constructed fr...

    Authors: Atsushi Kodan, Hiroyuki Kuroda and Fukumi Sakai
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776646
  4. Sugi (Cryptomeria japonlca D. Don) wood powder was carbonized at varying temperatures by a onestep process up to 1000‡C and a two-step process using wood charcoal as the raw material up to 1600‡C. This study was ...

    Authors: Lilibeth Pulido-Novicio, Toshimitsu Hata, Yasuji Kurimoto, Shuichi Doi, Shigehisa Ishihara and Yuji Imamura
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776645
  5. To clarify the biosynthesis of syringyl lignans and lignan formation by stereoselective coupling of monolignols, formation of (+)-syringaresinol and (+)-pinoresinol inLiriodendron tulipifera were investigated by ...

    Authors: Takeshi Katayama and Atsushi Ogaki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776644
  6. This paper describes characterization of diterpenes of the bark of Japanese cypress,Chamaecyparis obtusa (S. and Z.) Endl, without the resinous stem canker to learn the difference between the cypress bark affecte...

    Authors: Nobuyasu Hanari, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Takashi Ooi, Takenori Kusumi and Ken -ichi Kuroda
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776643
  7. The bast and core of kenaf,Hibiscus cannabinus L., have markedly different chemical components and alkaline cooking responses. The bast had about double the hot-water extractives content and only about half the l...

    Authors: Yoshito Ohtani, Bibhuti Bushan Mazumder and Kazuhiko Sameshima
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776642
  8. Acetylated fibers with a 24.8% weight gain by acetylation were ozonated with 0%–2.0% ozone on fibers. Fiberboards were then made from these treated fibers. The internal bond and bending strength of the acetyla...

    Authors: Hideaki Korai, Makoto Kiguchi, Shuji Hosoya, Satoshi Suzuki, Yoshihiro Hirano and Ritsuo Iwata
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776641
  9. Urea formaldehyde resin bonded reed and wheat particleboards with a density of 0.7g/cm3 were manufactured from two types of particle: fine and coarse particles. The effects of the silane coupling agent (SCA) leve...

    Authors: Guangping Han, Kenji Umemura, Ee Ding Wong, Min Zhang and Shuichi Kawai
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776640
  10. The effect of volatile matter from various wood chips on house dust mites and their influence on human comfort were measured. To investigate the effect of volatile matter on the mite speciesDermatophagoides ptero...

    Authors: Yasushi Hiramatsu and Yoshifumi Miyazaki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776639
  11. For better understanding wood hardness, we developed a new hand-operated hardness tester that works with Brinell's method. With this tester we investigated the hardness distribution of wood minutely using a 2m...

    Authors: Seiji Hirata, Masamitsu Ohta and Yasuo Honma
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00776637
  12. The purpose of this research was to analyze the karyotype of the interspecific fusants of twoPleurotus species. Auxotrophic mutants derived from the cultivated strain ofP. ostreatus andP. cornucopiae were used. P...

    Authors: Takeshi Yokono, Yutaka Tamai, Tomonori Azuma, Yoh Sakuma, Kiyoshi Miura, Yasuo Kojima, Masahide Sunagawa and Masatake Ohmasa
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765808
  13. The purpose of this study was to explore the conditioning effects of wood panels (used as interior decorating materials). We examined hourly the temperature and relative humidity (RH) in a living environment b...

    Authors: Song-Yung Wang and Ming-Jer Tsai
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765806
  14. The karyotype ofFlammulina velutipes (Curt.: Fr.) Sing. was analyzed electrophoretically using contourclamped homogeneous electric field gel electrophoresis and hybridization with DNA probes. The chromosomal DNA ...

    Authors: Doolyi Kim, Yutaka Tamai, Tomonori Azuma, Akira Harada, Akira Ando, Yoh Sakuma and Kiyoshi Miura
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765805
  15. When (±)-α-oxo-guaiacylglycerol-β-(vanillic acid) ether (1) is degraded byFusarium solani M-13-1, theα-ketone is initially reduced to giveerythro andthreo guaiacylglycerol-β-(vanillic acid) ethers (2), arylglycer...

    Authors: Takeshi Katayama, Jyoji Tsutsui, Kazuo Tsueda, Takao Miki, Yasuhiro Yamada and Murao Sogo
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765804
  16. We studied the crystalline conversion of cellulose fiber from cellulose I to cellulose II (mercerization) by X-ray diffraction, focusing on the putative chain-polarity conversion from parallel to antiparallel....

    Authors: Yoshiharu Nishiyama, Shigenori Kuga and Takeshi Okano
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765803
  17. The influence of the 30 chemical additives on the hydration characteristics of birch wood-cement-water mixture was determined by measuring the maximum hydration temperature (T max) and the time (t max) required t...

    Authors: Yi Min Wei, Yia Guang Zhou and Bunichiro Tomita
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765802
  18. This paper presents an on-line method for detecting damaged teeth in the bandsaw using acoustic emission (AE) signal energy. The method is based on an analysis of differences in AE energies generated by normal...

    Authors: Nanfeng Zhu, Chiaki Tanaka, Tadashi Ohtani and Hiroshi Usuki
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765801
  19. The different effects of heat treatment on wood, especially on the cellulose crystallites of wood under ovendried and highly moist conditions, were investigated by X-ray diffractometer. Heat was found to incre...

    Authors: Md. Tariqur Rabbani Bhuiyan, Nobuyuki Hirai and Nobuo Sobue
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765800
  20. This study examined the bending creep behavior of hot-pressed wood during cyclic moisture changes. Sugi (Cryptomerica japonica D. Don) specimens were pressed in the radial direction under six combinations of nomi...

    Authors: Yaguang Zhou, Masami Fushitani, Keiichi Sato and Masayuki Ozawa
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765799
  21. To examine the differences between juvenile and mature wood, 12 aged sample trees from two areas of Nagano Prefecture were harvested; and the radial development of tracheid length, the ring density, and the re...

    Authors: Jianjun Zhu, Tatsuo Nakano and Yasuhiko Hirakawa
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00765798
  22. The effect of ultrasound on the quality of recycled fibers was investigated. Ultrasound was applied to recycled pulp fiber suspension before ink removal by conventional flotation. The ultrasonic treatment indu...

    Authors: Daisuke Tatsumi, Takashi Higashihara, Shin'ya Kawamura and Takayoshi Matsumoto
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776405
  23. The study focused on kapok [Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn.] fruit as a biomass for effective utilization. Kapok fruits were harvested just before full maturation at the campus of University of the Philippines Lo...

    Authors: Keko Hori, Maxima E. Flavier, Shigenori Kuga, Thi Bach Tuyet Lam and Kenji Iiyama
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776404
  24. A suitable screening method for heterozygous DNA markers in shiitake,Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler, is reported. Monokaryons were derived from a dikaryon by de-dikaryotization via protoplast formation. Compatib...

    Authors: Kazuhiro Miyazaki, Hajime Maeda, Masahide Sunagawa, Yutaka Tamai and Susumu Shiraishi
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776403
  25. The inhibitory effects of 17 samples prepared from Thailand plants on 5α-reductase activity were examined. The acetone extract of leaves ofArtocarpus altilis showed potent 5α-reductase inhibitory activity. Fracti...

    Authors: Kuniyoshi Shimizu, Ryuichiro Kondo, Kokki Sakai, Supanida Buabarn and Uraiwan Dilokkunanant
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776401
  26. Variations in the compositions of low-boilingpoint (LBP) monoterpenes in needle samples of 50 hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) trees were investigated using the headspace technique. Considerable compositional variat...

    Authors: Sadanobu Katoh and Takeshi Furuno
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776400
  27. A normal variety of rice (Oryza sativa Taichung 65, T65c), its isogenic dwarf line (T65d 1), and a semidwarf variety of a different line (Oryza sativa IR8, IR8) were studied. The results were compared...

    Authors: Thi Bach Tuyet Lam and Kenji Iiyama
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776399
  28. The progress of lignin oxidation during oxygenalkali bleaching of pulp was evaluated by the method based on the difference between permanganate consumption of original pulp and that of the mixture of pulp and ...

    Authors: Guolin Tong, Yuji Matsumoto and Gyosuke Meshitsuka
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776398
  29. The viscosity of kenaf bast fiber has been found to be highly sensitive and variable with different pulping methods; therefore, it is important to choose proper chemicals and conditions for pulping and bleachi...

    Authors: Bibhuti B. Mazumder, Yoshito Ohtani, Zhou Cheng and Kazuhiko Sameshima
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776397
  30. The purpose of the study was to investigate the relation between the skin temperature of the palm and sensory cold-warmth after contact with some materials. Ten men and ten women were selected and introduced t...

    Authors: Song-Yung Wang, Far-Ching Lin and Min-Yi Lin
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776396
  31. Information on the strength distribution of timbers and other wood products seems to have become more important for users and producers after revision of the Japan architectural standard in 1998, which emphasi...

    Authors: Takashi Takeda and Takeo Hashizume
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776395
  32. The structure of cellulose, especially the microfibril angles (MFAs), in compression wood of Norway spruce [Picea abies (L.) Karst.] was studied by wide- and small-angle X-ray scattering and polarizing microscopy...

    Authors: Seppo Andersson, Ritva Serimaa, Mika Torkkeli, Timo Paakkari, Pekka Saranpää and Erkki Pesonen
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00776394
  33. New materials containing carboxylate groups have been synthesized by grafting polyacrylic acid onto sawdust. These new adsorbents were subjected to continuous extraction of different metal ions using packed co...

    Authors: Magali Geay, Véronique Marchetti, André Clément, Bernard Loubinoux and Philippe Gérardin
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00766226
  34. Binderless boards were prepared from steam-exploded fiber of oil palm(Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) frond at six levels of explosion conditions. Their properties were investigated and evaluated. The mechanical propert...

    Authors: Nikhom Laemsak and Motoaki Okuma
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00766224
  35. The optimum working moisture content of a wood matrix for the garbage automatic decomposer-extinguisher (GADE) machine was investigated using a small-scale degradation reactor. A formula feed for rabbits was u...

    Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yutaka Tamai, Yoh Sakuma, Shuichi Doi and Minoru Terazawa
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00766223
  36. A test method for measuring formaldehyde from urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins at high temperature was developed and used to assess the influence of the reaction pH on the formaldehyde emission and heat stability...

    Authors: Shin -ichiro Tohmura, Chung -Yun Hse and Mitsuo Higuchi
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00766221
  37. Oriented strand boards (OSB) were made using sugi wood strand with different lengths at different free fall distance conditions. Strand alignment and mechanical properties of sugi OSB were evaluated. Results o...

    Authors: Shigehiko Suzuki and Kenichi Takeda
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00766219
  38. We examined the accuracy of the shear properties of wood by the Iosipescu shear test using specimens whose shape was simplified. Quartersawn boards of sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis Carr.) and shioji (Japanese as...

    Authors: Yoshitaka Kubojima, Hiroshi Yoshihara, Hisashi Ohsaki and Masamitsu Ohta
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00766217
  39. Color measurements were made for sapwood specimens of 26 hardwood species. The densities of the specimens ranged from 258.5 to 945.6kg/m3. The colorimetric values and densities were compared among the species. Th...

    Authors: Yoshihiko Nishino, Gérard Janin, Yuji Yainada and Daisuke Kitano
    Citation: Journal of Wood Science 2000 46:BF00766215

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